New member guide and Checklist

Here you can find lots of Guides on how to work things here on Tainted Onez.
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New member guide and Checklist

Post by SalyaDarken »

Note: This post will be updated over time.

Welcome to Tainted Onez, The forums of Tainted Wingz.

We are so pleased you've found us and are interested in joining. After Reopening its doors in January 2020, we are growing slowly into an interesting community of interesting people. Ones with really pretty graphic and artwork skills, Ones with interesting writing skills and others with all kinds of skills. Below you will find some intel to help you enjoy your stay here with us.

Our Founder: SalyaDarken


Vital Reading: FAQ ~ WIP
Your first stop for all your burning questions!

Vital Reading: THE RULES
Obviously, a must-read. You must agree to our rules as found here, before you can start really posting.

Vital Reading: THE RP RULES
Obviously, a must-read. You must agree to our rules as found here, before you can start roleplaying here.

Once you read both sets of Rules, here is what we offer:
  • No limit on Characters that you can make thou their races.
  • No word limit in the Sandbox Role-play 'planets'
  • Role-play Events and Challenges
  • Keep track of your codes, artwork, stories and graphics in your galleries.
  • Rank up your galleries whenever Promotions are able.
  • Post your stories in the Ra Library while Graphics go in the Design Library and Codes go in the LUNA Library.
  • There is a library called Lost tech labs for any and all game Walkthroughs or such to go.
  • If you are into collectable things, then you can collect Stamps, Sprites, Dolls, and more which all go in your Rain Album.
  • There is a TCG called Forgotten TCG, for those into collecting trading cards.
  • There is a point system called Gold that you earn just by posting. There are other ways to get more gold. Donating money or setting up shops in the Market area.
  • Join the Guild to learn skills or help others.
  • Monthly Events all year around.

And more to come over time.

Now the Checklist: Earn a stamp if you do all of the things on the checklist.
○ Read the Rules.
○ join our discord
○ Post in the Introduce Yourself and tell us about yourself.
○ Add your avatar which must be 150x200 then add a signature. Read this for more details. For pre-made, go here.
○ PM SalyaDarken for your Starter Pack, which holds 10 random stamps, 5 Trading Cards and 1,000 Gold to get you started. Also tell her if your are interested in the TCG starter pack.
○ Once you did all of that, and got your starter pack, unless you don't want your starter pack, then you may began posting your graphics in your Design Gallery, Stories in the Ra library boards then link them in your Writing Gallery, Codes got in the LUNAR boards then link them in your LUNA Gallery
○ Make your Album for your collectables in the Rain Album, while your TCG cards go here.
○ Read over our achievement system here.
○ Make your Character Thread in theIt's your stories board before Role-playing.
○ Join a Role-play or start one up.
○ Join a Role-play Event.
○ Join a Guild or all of them.
○ Join a Site Event.
Do 5 things for the monthly Prompts. Prompts are down for now.

Lastly have fun~
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