Mother Knows Best [Teen]

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Mother Knows Best [Teen]

Post by Tiffany »

Title: Mother Knows Best
Fandom: Harry Potter Fandom
Rating: Teen (this rating - I use Ao3's rating system)
Genre: Character Study
Main Characters: Molly Weasley
Warning: Character Bashing
Word Count: 2057
Summary: The weekly gathering are always special to Molly, as she gets to see her children and gets to meddle in their lives.
Author Notes: This was written for TOZ’s Halloween Event, and my prompts were character you hate, hot chocolate, and bats. I was also inspired by Marie Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond, as well as the justno subreddit, as this is how I personally see the character.

≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡

October 31, 2000

The matriarch of the Weasley Family, Molly Weasley née Prewitt was currently waiting on her family to gather at their family home the Burrow as they did every Sunday. This was a ritual that she really drove into her children, it was expected of them and they were required to be there, no exceptions. Because no one was going to keep her children and grandchildren away from her, and it was her right to see them.

Setting the table, and putting the warming spells on the food and hot chocolate, Molly was just waiting for her family to trickle in and take their place around her. Nothing goes with family quite like hot chocolate she thought to herself as she sat down and waited. The First to show up was William and his wife Fleur, she had hoped to talk William out of this ridiculous relationship by now but now he was trapped since she got herself pregnant. Not, that she was complaining about another grandchild, but this woman kept trying to put it in her son’s head that he should leave his mother and live in France.

Once William and Fleur sat down, with Fleur showing off her pregnancy, she stood up to grab what she had been hiding or a while. She knew that Fleur would not be happy about it, but Molly had to show who was in charge of this family because it surely wouldn’t be an outsider like her.

When Molly turned around with her gift, Fleur appeared with a pan of some odd type of casserole, something that clearly did not belong at her table. Luckily, this is when her Arthur appeared, perfect timing really.

“Dear put that in the kitchen would you.” She told him as he did as she said.

“Mum, I thought that—,” William began before she cut him off.

“I got something for my grandchild, I know you said not to but I think someone who has over thirty years of parenting experience and someone who has actually been a mother would know more than someone with none, don’t you think?” She said questioningly but making it clear not to talk back as she pushed the gift into her son’s arms before he refused it. Molly watched as Fleur glared at Bill.

To rub salt in the wound, she levitated a cup of hot chocolate to her daughter-in-law and smiled as she placed it in front of the younger woman.

“For the pregnancy dear, you need to start taking care of my future baby,” Molly told her before she turned away to finish setting up as her other children got here.

Once, she grabbed the last of the food, placing it on the family table was when Ronald her youngest son, and his new girlfriend Cho Chang walked in. She was another one that was not a good fit for the family, and Molly hoped she had better luck splitting them up than she had with William and his wife. Cho was just as posh and spoiled in her opinion which was the problem with his last girlfriend. She really should find a way to set him up with someone suitable, so that her family could be filled with suitable people. Ronald and this family can do so much better than her.

“Ron!” She exclaimed. Greeting him with a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, Mum.”

She wrapped her arm around his should while getting between him and Cho as she pushed him in a seat next to her and William.

“I didn’t know that you were bring a friend, and your best friend’s ex at that, I don’t have a sit for her yet, but don’t worry I make one near your sister,” Molly smiled.

She let the salt meet the wound for the young lady who only showed interest in her son when he was praised for helping his friends defeat Voldemort and his followers. She knew what that woman was about, and it wasn’t any good. She watched Cho give her son the same look as she pushed him into his seat as Fleur gave her oldest. She quickly conjured a chair that wasn’t as good as the ones currently as the table and with her want positioned it next to Ginny’s seat.

“There you go.”

“Thank you.” the woman said in the most ungrateful voice Molly had ever heard, which made her wish she wasn’t so nice and just let her sit on the floor. Luckily for her, the matriarch of the Weasley Family was better than that.

“Oh, Ronald I know you aren’t looking to date right now.” Ignoring the fact that his date was currently in the room. “But I know someone who you just need to meet,” she said, but once he said to argue, “and I won’t take no for an answer.”

That was when her second oldest showed up. He wasn’t always able to make it to the weekly dinners, but she was normally able to guilt-trip him into it. She quickly let him know where she wanted him to sit and he quickly followed her directions as she taught him and all her children.

When Percy and his wife Audrey and their child her first grandbaby who they named after walked in she walked over to greet them.

“Hey dear.” She greeted them as she scooped Molly II and held on to her as she directed the couple to their seats. Audrey was such as great fit for this family, and unlike the other woman that her son have brought home, like the woman before Audrey whom Percy dated in Hogwarts who’s name was Penelope and she was just the worst, who was very disrespectful as a child and abandon her baby when he needed her the most. It was a good thing though because she was not a good fit for him.

As she was holding her namesake whom she referred to as her baby, she watched Ronald quickly move over to where his horrible date when he started to whisper.

Cho, this is just the way she is, so please just deal with it and don’t upset my mum.”

That is when her youngest child Ginny who was her only daughter walked in with George who was one of her twins before his brother Fred was killed in the war. Ginny was just out of Hogwarts and figuring out what to do with her life, but luckily for Molly her youngest was still living at home. George ran his shop that he opened with his twin called of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, which Ginny during her free time started to help her brother out. She thought it was sweet, and helped her son not feel so alone.

When she told her daughter that she had to sit near Cho, she was not happy but did it anyway. Molly knew that Ginny hasn’t like Cho since her third year, and didn’t like even more now that she was trying to get her hooks into Ron. Molly knew that her only daughter would make this a very uncomfortable meal for Cho, and hopefully that would be the end of her.

As everyone sat around the table they began to eat, as she held her grandchild. They all partook in the meal she made and delighted in the hot chocolate that she made. She watched her family around the table with much love and hoped that her relationships with her children didn’t change, she didn’t want their relationships to become strained or disappeared because of the unfortunate choices in partners that they choose.

“Dear,” she addressed Fleur. “I went to your home while you weren’t there because William wanted me to fix some of his clothes, because no one does it quite like me, but I noticed that there was a lot of dust and dirt in the home. Do you need help with that, because I can teach you how to clean? I just don’t want my son and future grandbaby to live in filth it’s not good enough, you understand.”

Fleur looked at Bill who answered for her, “Mum, we appreciate that but—.”

“There’s no but I would love to help you out Fleur, I’ll be over on Thursday. No more needs to be said on this,” she finished the conversation.

Walking away she heard a small fight start, lucky for her Fleur thought she was too classy to actually fight in public, but Molly was closer to her goal. Her next one was to twist the knife hypothetically in Cho, so as she and her youngest son Ron was leaving way too early she might add, she steered her son back to his seat.

“Mum, we need to leave, Cho—,” he began.

“No, no this is family time, you don’t get to leave me yet, she should have understood when she came here as a friend as Harry and Hermione do when they show up. They never tried to hurt the family like this,” she looked over at the woman before looking back at Ronald. “She can leave if she wants, she isn’t and will never be one of us anyway,” she smiled. “So, I’m going to tell that woman to owl you and I’ll set a date for you, this needs to happen. She is perfect for you!”

“Mother, I—,” he started before a door slammed.

“See problem solved.” Everyone noticed that Cho left throwing the worst temper tantrum as she left like Molly knew she would, what a bratty child. “Dear don’t bring her back, she treated the family horribly, especially your little sister who you should protect from people like her.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem mum.”

“Good, dear.”

The family celebrated their time together much better after Cho had left and everyone seemed to be having a good time, well except for her oldest son’s wife, but she was never happy. Fleur always seemed like she wanted to take her son away from her, and Molly was determined to not allow that to happen. Her family meant the world to her and she was not about to let someone who didn’t care about family to ruin her’s. Molly didn’t know how many times that she had to talk William out of not moving to France where Fleur claimed she wanted to be closer to her family, but she knew that wasn’t at all true. Fleur would do anything to hurt any family she married in, and she hoped that her son would see that soon and take the baby and sent her back to France so she could leech off of someone else.

She made sure that she kept everyone’s cup of hot chocolate filled as they found themselves outside as the bat flew overhead and they were all sipping their drinks. With her namesake still in her arms, she started pointing out where the bats and the different stars were to her. Molly could tell that she was Molly II’s favorite adult, and she just loved her little junior. It was the perfect Halloween night, and she couldn’t wait until the next family gathering she and Arthur had.

As her family started to leave she had to give Molly II to Percy and his wife, and she hated that she had to do it because she had a nursery set up here for her, and she didn’t want her children to leave her. They were the first and soon to follow was Bill and Fleur which she was surprised that Fleur didn’t bully her son into leaving her first like she normally did, but of course she parted with her oldest as she always did with words of encouragement, and letting him know he always had a place at home, a hug, and a kiss on the cheek.

Charlie left not too long after his older brother with promises to come back soon, but of course she made him promise that he had to be here next week, which after some prodding he agreed. George and Ron left together saying that they would see her tomorrow and that they need to do something, so she said goodbye to them as she did with the rest of her sons before walking inside with her husband and daughter.
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