Game: Respond to the Prompt Above You!

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Game: Respond to the Prompt Above You!

Post by SalyaDarken »

Nothing better to get those creative juices flowing than a little story prompt, right? Here's how this will go!
  1. Claim a post so you don't get ninja'd
  2. Edit your post and respond in character with 3+ sentences to the prompt
  3. Below your story, suggest a new prompt for the next person!
Your responses should be in the form of a short story or snippet of your character's life! (Any Character of yours is allowed) For example:
Prompt: Your character steps in gum
Response: Blake was already having a rotten day, between the test she flunked and the disaster that was school lunch. Now, she thought, she was going to be late to practice because she had to stop and scrape somebody's disgusting chewed bubblegum off the bottom of her brand new track shoes. It wasn't really the worst day ever, but it was one of many that had come in a row, and Blake really needed a break. Etc...
Your response can be as long as you want it, but if you're writing a ton, make sure to leave a prompt for the next person before you embark on your novel!

So, here's your first prompt!
Your character is injured badly, and thinks they might die. What do they do?

(if 24 hours goes by without a response, feel free to suggest a new prompt, or reuse this one!)
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