Sakura Festival 2020

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Sakura Festival 2020

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Salya let out a soft sigh as she leaned against the desk. She was stuck watching over the shop while the owner sat out to get a few things for the animals. She had a small baby fox asleep on her lap that she randomly petted while looking out of the glass windows in the front. The puppies that was set in one of the windows where playing and being really hyper as people walked by, while the kittens laid around being cute. She didn't mind the sounds the animals were all making since they were all happy.

She knew it was a festival going on yet she wasn't really in the mood for it. Not since Snow and Ayne disappeared on her while Sina was doing gods knows what with Pika. She just didn't have anyone to go with, so why not help out at work. It's not like she really needed to work. Since her real job was running the shop's site, but watching the animals once in a while wasn't too bad. Not went all of the animals loved having her there.

The small fox was the only animal there that wasn't for sell, for he was not a pet. In fact, he was Pika's twin brother, Rin who came to work with her since he was bored. His tail would move around slightly in a lazy way while his ears would twitch whenever her idle fingers would touch them. Sadly, he loved his 'master' thou he knew he couldn't have her.

Where: Pet Shop
With: No one other then Rin and animals.
Mood: Really bored.

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