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Verum Videre (jcink prem)

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Fifty years ago, a great war broke out across the world between humans and supernaturals. Over time, supernaturals went into hiding to end the war. Years later, they returned to integrate back into society. Humans still held fear in their hearts, but measures were taken to even the playing fields and allow all members of society to coexist with a peace of mind. Slavery has risen once more, giving humans an equal opportunity to take control they so desperately desire. Today, the world is still searching for stable peace while grasping tightly to the measures taken for equality worldwide.

Are you a human wishing to suppress supernaturals for good? Are you a supernatural seeking peace among all species? Are you a master content with the power the new world has given you? Or are you a slave wishing for the freedom all kinds once shared?

Come to Verum Videre to tell your story!

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