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Image Witches not only exist alongside humans, they came out to help fight World War I and have established themselves as the military authority in North America. While humans are still technically in charge of the government, the matriarchal society of Witches holds a lot of the cards. In the sleepy, coastal town of Fleury Cove, mysteries exist around every corner. The Military Fort is definitely keeping their new project close to their chest. On the surface, it is idealistic. The local commune provides the town with fresh food, students flock to the prestigious magic Academy and the townies keep the small town charm alive. There is more than meets the eye and if you enjoy things like gender role reversal, feuding families, power struggles, military secrets and communal grassroots living then come take a look! We have a lot to offer.
Dulce Bellum
Inspired by shows like The Magicians, Siren and Motherland: Fort Salem
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