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Challenge yourself to make 100 graphics, codes or writings in 4 weeks. Are you up to the task?
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General Info

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General Info [All 100 Challenges]

What is a 100 Challenge??
A 100 Challenge is a challenge where you have to make 100 pieces, within the time specified, according to the type of challenge you take on. You can do graphics, writing, coding, or a mix.

Types of 100 Challenges
There are two types of 100 Challenges:
01. Traditional Challenges, which last 4 months.
02. Yearly Challenges, which last 1 year.

You are granted one extension, which is:
>Two weeks for Traditional Challenges
>Two months for Yearly Challenges

General Rules
01. Do not post in other's threads. The only people who should post in a thread is the staff member and the person completing the 100 Challenge.
02. Like with all other challenges, no premades are accepted. Entries following the theme must be made within the time limit (after the start of the challenge), and cannot be submitted to any other challenges.
03. It is mandatory to make a masterlist for a Yearly Challenge.
04. For traditional challenges, it is not necessary, but you are encouraged to post a masterlist as your first post to keep count of how many pieces you have completed to date.
05. Whenever you are adding to your 100 challenge, you are encouraged to group by type.
06. For graphic challenges, please post at least 5 icons in one post, or 2 of the other graphic types in one post.
07. For writing or coding challenges, please use your best judgement to not excessively create too many short posts.

What Types Count?
The following is a noninclusive list of the types:
Graphic Types: Icons, Signatures, Banners, Blends, Chapter Images, Colorizations, Vectors, Paintings, Colorings
Coding: Skins, Thread Templates, IM Templates, Canon Templates, Shipping Templates, Signature Templates, Application Templates (Note, Basic codes are the only ones allowed. Sorry. Think Gaiaonline.)
Writing: Poetry, Fiction, Fanfiction, Nonfiction
Mixed: All the above

How Many of a Certain Type Can I Do?
Out of the 100 pieces, a maximum of 80% (80 pieces) can be of one type.
01. You CANNOT have 100 icons.
02. You CANNOT have 81 icons and 19 signatures.
03. You can have 80 colorings and 20 banners.
03. You can have 50 icons, 20 colorizations, and 30 blends.

For Mixed 100 Challenges, a maximum of 80% can be of one type (ex: graphics), within that type, a maximum of 80% can be of one sub type.
01. You CANNOT have 16 writing pieces + 84 graphics.
02. You CANNOT have 20 writing pieces + 80 graphics, with 65 icons. (80% of 80 is 64).
03. You can have 20 writing pieces + 80 graphics, with 64 icons.
04. You CANNOT have 50 writing pieces + 50 graphics, with 45 icons. (80% of 50 is 40).
05. You can have 50 writing pieces + 50 graphics, with 40 icons.
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Re: General Info

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Traditional 100 Challenges
You must have a specific theme in mind and it cannot be too broad. The intent is to use a limited amount of images / follow constraints.
Example: Just "Harry Potter" as a theme is too broad for a 100 challenge as there is many many things that can be done. If the theme is "Harry Potter Movie Screencaps Only", and basing writing/coding/graphic just on the picture in canon, that is acceptable. For graphics, please be specific if it is images from the movies only and not quotes, and only actors in character. Consider choosing a subset of characters. Another consideration is having a predefined list of items to work on.

You are allowed to be inspired by...
including the of use images / lyrics / quotes from ...
01. a maximum of three models, celebrities, or individual people
02. characters of one show (actors in character)
03. a movie
04. a book
05. a specific topic (ex: rain)
06. palettes from a certain designer
07. rounded borders
08. a focus on hover effects

Examples of Acceptable Themes
If you are unsure if your theme is acceptable, just ask or apply and a mod will respond and provide guidance.
01. Harry Potter Characters
02. Lana Del Ray Lyrics
03. Pink or Blue Haired Models
04. Victoria Secret Angels
05. Palettes by napkin_guy
06. The Seven Deadly Sins
07. Writing Prompts by birdsongs
08. Writing Inspired by Monet Paintings

Yearly 100 Challenges
01. You must watch 100 movies or read 100 books or watch 100 episodes or listen to 100 albums (or a combination). These can be episodes / movies you have seen, or books you have read previously, or albums you have previously listened to, but you must be honest and watch / read them again within the duration of the challenge to count.
02. Then, you must create one and only one piece for each book or movie or tv episode or album.
03. If only one day has passed since the challenge was open, and you post 30 pieces of writing for 30 movies, it is suspicious.
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