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Donation Wing

Post by SalyaDarken »

Welcome to the Tainted Onez's Donation Information Station! This a guide geared towards answering all your possible questions regarding how donations work here at TOZ. If you find that you still have questions, feel free to ask them below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do we need to give TOZ donations? Can't you just pay for things?
>A: There is no obligation to donate to TOZ. However if you do, you will help keep Tainted Wingz and Tainted Onez up and running. Meaning this forum is never disappear on you. Plus it would help Salya out if you do so.

Q: have a point there. But just where, exactly, would my contributions go?
>A: Well your contributions would go to keep Tainted Onez ad-free as well as help get more things added. Maybe in the future, We will host a giveaway or something.. Just keep a lookout.

Q: Do I get any say in where my donation goes?
>A: Money will be distributed evenly unless we are contacted via Email at or otherwise.

Q: I would like to donate but unfortunately don't have the funds to right now. Is there anything else I could donate?
>A: At this time, No. Sorry. We don't have a giveaway or an offline shop that you can donate to.

Q: Aside from doing a good deed, is there anything in it for me personally?
>A: Of course! We are deeply grateful for your contribution and have constructed four exclusive goodie packages for your use around the forum! Members who donate will also be added to the donated group regardless of their donation amount and will listed in our monthly Newspaper. We appreciate all donations and would like to thank each of you accordingly! The full list of all donation packages is shown below:
Dark Star Pack ($5 Donation)
~ 5,000 Gold and 100 moon fragments.
~ Ritual Stamp Pack Coupon
~ A free normal card Coupon
~ An exclusive stamp

Lost Heart Pack ($10 Donation)
~ 10,000 Gold and 200 moon fragments
~ Calamity Stamp Pack Coupon
~ 1 Free sprite Coupon
~ 2 free normal cards Coupon
~ An exclusive stamp

Broken Moon Pack ($15 Donation)
~ 15,000 Gold and 300 moon fragments
~ Free Username Change Coupon x1
~ Ritual Stamp Pack Coupon x2
~ 2 Free sprites Coupon
~ 1 free special cards Coupon
~ An exclusive stamp

Eternal Darkness Pack ($20 Donation)
~ 20,000 Gold and 500 moon fragments
~ Free Username Change Coupon x2
~ Calamity Stamp Pack Coupon x3
~ 2 free sprites Coupon x2
~ 2 free special cards Coupon
~ Custom avatar and Signature by a Staff member.
~ An exclusive stamp
Q: So I've donated! ...Now what do I do?
A: Once you have donated, please contact SalyaDarken via PM to verify that your donation has gone through. Once that is done, you should receive a PM from her containing your donation package.

Q: Great! Now that I have my goodies, when can I use them and how do I do so?
A: You can use your goodies whenever you want. When you decide to use your coupon, you must PM and inform SalyaDarken before doing so.
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