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Posted: 19 Jan 2020, 05:17
by SalyaDarken
Welcome to the Tainted Onez aka Tainted Wingz's Forum! On this page we'll give you all the information you need to successfully navigate our forums and guide you through the rules and expectations we have in place so all of our members can have a stress-free, drama-free time here!
Quick Start Guides:
  • Newbie Pack - an all-in-one informational guide for those just starting out at the Tainted Onez! (WIP)
  • Angel-in-Training Sign-up Thread - a thread wherein members new to the forum can sign up for a mentor that can help guide them around the place and induct them into our community! (will open when we hit 25-50 members)
  • Posting Help! - A guide for posting here, from basic bolding and italics options, to doing neat stuff such as quoting, multi-quoting, and image hosting. (down to be redone)
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Re: Rules

Posted: 26 Jan 2020, 05:43
by SalyaDarken
General Rules of the Tainted Onez

1.Be Respectful.
Treat everyone fairly, and just be pleasant.

2. No religious or political discussions.
a) These topics typically involve drama, so please refrain from posting them.
b) Personal issues and beliefs are important and we try to keep an open mind in everything we do for TOZ, however this rule applies to all members and people, as not everyone thinks or believes the same thing. As long as there is no violation of our rules or code of conduct, or there is nothing is being rudely displayed (like pictures, known offensive slang, name calling, etc), then I will simply ask that members just do not participate in the thread if it makes them uncomfortable to do so.

3. Spam and Triple Posting Rules.
Please follow common forum etiquette by avoiding spamming and triple posting around the Galaxy Cauldron Forums in all areas but the Spam Section, which was made specifically for spamming and goofing off.
a) Triple Posting: Members may Triple post in a thread if 12 hours or more have elapsed since their last post. However, doing this constantly (i.e., being the only person to post in a thread for multiple days on end, resulting in a string of posts made by one person), may be found in violation of this rule if Admin or Moderators feel you are spamming or posting excessively and will ask you to stop.
b) Stay on topic: Adhere to the topic of a thread. If you would like to talk about something else or something similar but not related to the topic, create a new thread to discuss it. Likewise, threads should be made in the appropriate sections of the forum which match their topics.

4. Only one account per user.
This is to prevent drama, number inflation, and lying. If you create more than one account, a ban may be given. Please refer to the Code of Conduct for more details. Backup Accounts are allowed but only for Staff.

5. Excessive Images must be placed in a Spoiler.
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6. Username Rules.
Names may not contain any bad words or anything that isn't PG Nor have any Elements such as Darkness, Twilight and etc. Only Staff may claim an Element.

To change your username can only be done by Staff After you buy the Username Change Card and PMing one of the Staff members with the card proof and with your new username.

Members will be required to display "Formerly [Prior Name]" as their personal text or include it prominently in their signature for a 90 day period following the change.

A username may be changed twice, but a 6-month waiting period will be required between name changes.

7. Avatar and Signature Requirements.
See this thread for details on our Avatar and Signature guidelines. (will add the link in a bit)

8. Forum Gold
The Tainted Onez implements a point system which Salya remained Points to Gold. So by posting around the board, you will earn gold, which you can go to the Black Market and buy things. If you wish to buy more gold, then you can by Donating real money to Tainted Onez which will help us keep it up and running.
$5 will give you 5,000 Gold.
$10 will give you 10,000 Gold.
$15 will give you 15,000 Gold.
$20 will give you 20,000 gold.
But you are not required to donate money to us. You can also earn Gold in other ways.

9. Art Theft
Art theft will not be tolerated on ToZ. This includes both art and writing. Art theft is a serious offense and will not be tolerated on ToZ. This is when you steal artwork or writing someone else created and saying you created the artwork or writing.

If you have comments, questions or concerns, SalyaDarken's PM and E-Mail inboxes are always open.

Re: Rules

Posted: 26 Jan 2020, 06:53
by SalyaDarken
This is a Code of Conduct ("CoC"). The CoC is meant to supplement and NOT to replace the rules of Tainted Onez (TOZ). If situations arise that are not covered by the CoC, then the administrators will act as they believe necessary in the best interests of the site after consulting with the relevant staff and other administrators.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, SalyaDarken's PM and E-Mail inboxes are always open.

Section I
I. Post Content
  1. Teen - Tainted Onez is a Teen rated site. Some Adult themes are allowed but only in stories and Role-play.
  2. Bigotry – TOZ is strongly against discrimination in any form. Anyone found posting sexist, racist, homophobic or religious hate messages will be dealt with quickly and severely.
  3. Swearing - Keep swearing to a rare occasion because this is a Teen site. We don't allow swearing outside of YA stories and NSFW Role-plays
  4. Illegality - Mention of illegal activity such as comments on or descriptions of brutality, violence, emotional/physical abuse, drug use, etc are cause for disciplinary action.
Section II
II. Member Conduct
  1. Privacy is sacred.
    As such, no member of TOZ should ever publish private correspondence or private matters, without the explicit approval of ALL Parties involved in the exchange. This includes public threads, PMs, E-mails, and instant messages. This includes member punishment. The staff do not want to flaunt the mistakes of others and, therefore, we will not talk about such matters with those who are not directly involved. That being said, SalyaDarken's e-mail and PM boxes are always open.
  2. Bullying
    Bullying takes many forms and can be far more destructive than many people will realize. Some people will laugh off the most vicious comments while others may be driven nearly to suicide. The TOZ staff reserve the right to remove any posts, avatars or signature pictures that are deemed to fall into this category.

    This also includes being "elitist." There will be members with various amount of knowledge and various interests, so please be respectful to everyone. We are all Sailor Moon fans and we ARE all equal.
  3. Personal Attacks
    Personal attacks on other members are not tolerated, including on public boards and in the chatbox. Do not talk behind someone else's back. Administration and the staff are expected and obligated to deter any personal attacks.
    (a) Vague ranting/complaining posts that could be about another member on site will not be tolerated. If it is clear to staff and other members that you are talking about another member, even if their name isn't mentioned in the post, we will take action as clarified in the Punishment Procedure below.
  4. Account Information
    The individual who registered for an account will be held responsible for all actions taken by the account. To avoid being accused of something you did not do, never give your account information to anyone.
  5. Instructions by staff
    (a) Ignoring instructions given by staff or these rules are grounds for discipline.
    (b) If you believe the staff are wrong in an instruction they gave you, open a discussion with them about it via PM (not on a public thread). If, after making an attempt to discuss the issue with the staff member, you believe you are not being adequately heard, feel free to include the relevant supervisor (see Section VI). In the interim, follow the staff’s instructions, even if you disagree with them.
Section III
III. Conflict Resolution
This is an online forum, and it is inevitable that drama will ensue. If internet drama happens to you, please follow the following procedures.
  1. Notify Staff of any Issues
    If a member has an issue with another member (and this includes issues with TOZ staff), please bring it to the attention of the relevant staff supervisor by PM. A list of staffers, the boards they are responsible for, and their supervisor is available in Section VI.
  2. Keep Disputes Private
    TOZ strongly believes that issues between members or between members and staff are best resolved in private, via PM or e-mail. Keeping issues private allows the parties involved to consider the problems and possible solutions without grandstanding or worrying about “losing face.” This allows for the avoidance of public disputes, which is more conducive to reaching a resolution that works for all parties involved.
  3. Speak Your Mind
    TOZ will never discipline any member for telling staff something the staff does not want to hear. That doesn’t mean that members have license to be rude to staff, but it does mean that if you see a problem, you need to tell us about it.
  4. Remember that Reasonable People Can Disagree
    There are certain things that are black and white. Most disputes don’t fall within these realms of incontrovertible truth; more often, there are shades of gray. Reasonable people acting in good faith can and will take different positions even when looking at the same set of facts.
  5. Keep in mind that not all of our members may speak English as their native language.
    This can cause misinterpretations to occur. If you have a question as to what someone meant, please ask them respectfully to clarify, before assuming the worst.
Section IV
IV. Three Strike Policy
Administrators reserve the right to administer Cautions for any content that the staff feels is borderline inappropriate or a "gray area" in terms of the Tainted Onez Rules.

The Three Strike Policy is intended to help members understand what content may be considered inappropriate without the immediate consequence of an official rule infraction. We all make mistakes sometimes, however, a history of mistakes shows a lack of understanding and respect for the rules of the forum. Therefore, three cautions will be equivalent to one rule infraction, and disciplinary action will be taken as stated in Section V of the Code of Conduct.

Section V
V. Consequence Procedures
This is a description of the general procedure for handling violations. Please be aware this general procedure may be altered in order to accommodate for specific situations.
  1. First Offense The member will be contacted via PM by a staff member regarding the violation. This PM will be considered a warning.
  2. Second Offense If the same violation continues to occur or a separate violation occurs, then the member will be contacted by a staff member via PM. At this stage, the member will be placed on a temporary one week probation. Probation - meaning the member will be able to access TOZ, but not post on the forums.
  3. Third Offense If the same violation continues to occur or a separate violation occurs, then the member will be contacted by SalyaDarken via PM. At this stage, the member will be placed on a temporary two week ban. Ban - meaning the member will be unable to access or post on TOZ.
  4. Final Offense At this stage, the member will be temporarily or permanently banned from TOZ or given further instruction by a Staff Member.

    Addendum: The Staff of this site attempt to adhere to this structure of punishment, however we reserve the right to take disciplinary actions as unlisted circumstances arise.

Section VI

VI. Infraction Rollback Policy
Every six months is set as the general rollover date for infractions that have earned warnings. If there have been more than six months between warnings for mild offenses, the new warning will be considered a "first" warning, even if it is in fact their fifth. However, for larger infractions--those that receive a warning the first time they are broken--and for cases wherein a member is repeatedly breaking the same rule, the admin reserve the right to move on to the next tier on a case-by-case basis.

Regardless, warnings and offenses do not get ignored after a certain point; they are all part of a member's history and can be taken into consideration when major offenses are made.

Section VII
VII. Miscellaneous
1. Any and all sites and forums may not be "planned" on TOZ.
---1 thread is allowed in the proper forum section advertising your site. such as First Post or Post Back.
---Discussion, deciding details, dividing up duties, etc. are not allowed. These actions must be done on the site or with your own e-mail.
---Messages to TOZ members asking to join your site are not allowed.
---Advertising your site in the welcome threads, help threads, etc., are not allowed.
---Guests are allowed to bump their Ad once every 7 days, if they wish.

2. Please do not ‘bash’ other sites and forums on TOZ.
---We are here to provide a friendly drama free place, and we are not associated with other writing/fantasy websites and forums so it is unnecessary to discuss their problems here.
---Whatever drama happens at another forum/website/tumblr/etc. stays there. It does not belong on TOZ.

Section VII
VII. Quick Staff Structure Overview.
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This Code of Conduct is taken and modified from

Upon completing the registration of an account with the Tainted Onez Forums, you are agreeing to the terms and rules above. The Tainted Onez reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. The use of this site is a privilege, not a right.