Secret Kiss • Bonnie [Teen]

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Secret Kiss • Bonnie [Teen]

Post by SalyaDarken »

Moira walked into the building with a soft sigh. She really wanted to go back to her quiet apartment and sleep but she needed to work. Not for the money since her MIA mother left her with lots and lots of money. She just happened to love working around the animatronics.

She looked over at the 3 robots on the stage and smiled softly. They waved slightly at her and she waved back before heading to the office. She didn't even looked to see Foxy since oddly she was on a no-talking week with him. She went into the small office and sat in the chair.

She was glad that her boss allowed her to wear a skirt with her uniform, since she hated pants. Her long black hair was in it's normal braid but it was slightly messy with a messy red bow.

Bonnie waited until his day mode was off before moving about. He placed his guitar down against the wall then jumped down form the stage. He looked up at the cam and noticed that she wasn't even looking. He then looked over at the other two.

Freddy yawned lightly. "Has Moira made it to the office yet?"

Chica jumped down from the stage. "I believe she has. She still hasn't changed on her fox."

The bear looked down at her. "How long to you think this fight will last?"

She shrugged. "I don't know. I hope they make up soon. Foxy hasn't left the cove since the fight.

The bunny sighed lightly. He didn't like the fight yet he was the reason. Why did he say his feelings, yet he didn't know. Sadly he didn't even know how long he felt the way he did. Silently he walked away from the stage and walked down the hallway to the office. Once he got to the book, he looked into the office and blinked.

At the desk, sat Moira with her head down against the desk and her arms. The tablet was on but it was on Pirate Cove. Was she watching Foxy before falling asleep? He wondered as he walked over. He reached over her and turned off the tablet. He didn't care if it was make Foxy wonder things when the red light goes off.

As he moved back, a thought hit him. 'what if she had it on the cove to keep Foxy from running over here?' He looked down at her sleeping face. He then reached back over and turned it back onto the Cove, just as Foxy looked up at the cam.

Bonnie looked at the can to see Foxy go back into his curtain. He sighed lightly. He was sorry for starting this fight see how much it was hurting the fox. The bunny the looked down the sleeping girl that he cared for. He knew that his feelings were one-sided but he couldn't stop the feeling.

He leaned down and kissed her gently before walking out before she woke up. He went back to the stage and started to play with his guitar.

A few hrs pasted before she felt someone touch her. She opened her dark blue eyes and blinked lightly as she saw Freddy's face. She sat up and yawned lightly.

"Princess, it's almost time for you to go home." The bear said softly.

She looked at the tablet and blinked again. She wasted a lot of power and didn't mean to. Sadly she didn't want to go to the empty apartment but she couldn't say there. Sighing, she stood up. "I'm sorry, Freddy..."

The bear pulled the young girl into a tight hug. "It's fine. Just make up with Foxy soon."

She sighed into his chest then moved out of his arms. She walked out of the office and slowly went home.


Note: it's more about Bonnie's one sided feelings then anything. But he did steal a kiss. XD
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