Wonder Comics - Original Superhero Setting!

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Wonder Comics - Original Superhero Setting!

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18+ | Premium Jcink | Original Superhero Setting

The multiverse is teeming with the fantastic, the amazing and spectacular! Super speedster delivery men, Powers Ed classes taught by hyper-evolved space god T-Rexes, and superpowered temper-tantrums from toddlers; all this, and even more bizarre, is the norm for Thratton City. Wonders battle in the skies or leap tall buildings on their way to work, Martians and Aquans share the planet Geos with Humans and countless other alien species - and almost everyone is at least a little Wondrous.

Come fight the good fight, terrorise the nation, or just live a ‘normal’ life amongst the absurd;

Go forth, and be Wondrous!


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