Dance of Dynasty, Original Fantasy RP

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Dance of Dynasty, Original Fantasy RP

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Enter a world of samurai, emperors, honor and mysticism...
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For 268 years since its inception the Kalunai Empire existed in unity founded upon Hisato
Tetayu’s and Kenji Morioki’s legacy. Under the veil of prosperity, however, cracks began to form
within the noble families. They gnawed away at their grand ideals with the allures of greed and
power festering within the hearts of less noble men, inspiring them to commit despicable deeds
in order to fill their coffers.

The bonds which lasted for over two centuries strained and shattered, separating the land into
two countries vying for dominance. Eramas, the seat of diplomacy and grace, claims to stand by
the roots their legacy was built upon. Miran, the nation constructed on the principles of military
strength and justice, to many Eramese barbaric in their ways, has for 60 years stood by calling
them liars.

With the animosity between them, born out of the bitter war which caused the rendering, the
newest generation’s endeavors to reforge peace seems like a lost cause.

And while the humans struggle to find balance, darker forces stir among the yōkai of the

It is known that throughout history empires have risen, and empires have fallen. For this next
generation, the dance of dynasties has only just begun.

Dance of Dynasties is a unique, original steampunk fantasy roleplay inspired by the various
cultures of East Asia. We are an intermediate - advanced and even individual plots can, and very
likely will, change the course of events board wide.

There is no static plot, no pre-determined end goal.

+ Jcink Premium
+ Must be 18+ to join
+ No Word Count
+ No Post Requirements
+ Free Form Application
+ Premium Cbox and Discord
+ Tons of Canons
+ Friendly and welcoming staff

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