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Enchanting Love - Omgeaverse RP

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Enchanting Love is an Omegaverse RP forum that's recently opened. The world is AU in which characters both male and female have a secondary gender that classifies them as Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. Males in this genre can also become pregnant just like females. We don't exclude Betas or Females as we find an appropriate ratio of characters to plot with makes more sense when these two things aren't non-existent. They do exist here. So if you want to create a female or Beta character, you can! They are more than welcome. Original characters are definitely welcome and canons to an extent. It depends on the series canons come from. Here at Enchanting Love, we encourage everyone to plot with each other. While the genre of Omegaverse is different compared to most by focusing more on the pairing and intimacy aspect, we expect our members to create characters that have one-dimensional characters based on the fact that their character is an Alpha or Beta or whatever. Personality for characters is key. Appropriately have your characters interact with others to form relationships. We welcome all levels of writers. We can't wait for you to join us! Staff is needed! Feel free to inquire if interested!

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